My Story

2009 and 2010 were the worst years of my life. My dad had passed away from bladder cancer. 16 months later, my mom died of breast cancer. Nothing had prepared me to deal with the intensity of grief. They meant the world to me. Especially my mom. We were so close. My grief for her was amplified feeling that our unique bond had been permanently broken.

Faith and a Tube of Lipstick - My StoryThrough the grace of God, time and some healing , I learned that the relationship I once had with my parents never ended, it just changed from a physical to a spiritual. I now recognize and experience their unique Hellos from Heaven. The majority of signs I receive are from my mom. It can anywhere from a loving thought, a dream, her scent, seeing redbirds and roses. Those are just a few of the many signs that keep feeling connected to her.

Thanks to those experiences, my grief and negativity lifted. I started to reflect back on the good things during my mom’s cancer journey. I became more aware of the details of how she used her renewed faith, gratitude and even her tube of lipstick to sustain her courage during her journey with breast cancer. I am thankful that the murkiness of grieve no longer clouds my vision or thoughts.

To me, one of the most special ways I can honor both God and my mom is by sharing this kind of hope with others.